The sanitary napkin which manufactured under the same production standard as Japan.
Comfortably fit to you body with the special adhesive tape.
Gentle for the skin and good absorbency.

Slim Slim Elise Scent
Super ultra thin but excellent absorption. With relaxed floral smell as in a natural flower field make you feel active and confidence. Comfortably fit to your body. Worry-free about leakage no matter how you move by super adhesive glue. Slim Slim Elise Scent comes with a sweet and unique package design. 

Fairy Wings
Elis Fairy Wing sanitary napkin comes with the Soft Fit Wings which is soft and firmly fit to your body. The special adhesive tape, not wrapped, not slipping, makes confident in every movement. Also, the Active Dot surface helps in absorption, makes you feel dry. Adding cuteness with lovely Rilakkuma character on package.


Sensitive Care
Elis Sensitive Care the sanitary napkins for the sensitive and easy to be allergies skin. The "Air Cushion" innovation made from 100% natural cotton. The delicate fibers give you the cottony soft, gentle on the skin. Worries-free about irritation and leakage with Locked Emboss surface. The sticky adhesive stripes tightly stick, no wrapping no matter how you move.


Safe Night Relaxed Lavender Scent
Elis Safe Night Relaxed Lavender Scent make you feel fresh and relieve, worry free about leakage even in a heavy day. Ready to wake up to a bright morning.  Natural cotton added. Exclusive with Elis super adhesive glue make you worry-free no matter how you move.

Extra Slim 0.1 Cotton Plus
Elis Extra Slim 0.1 Cotton Plus the slim Sanitary napkins provide you freedom of movement, just forget about wearing. The Active Dot surface generates high absorption and instant dryness. Worries-free about slipping or wrapping with the tight adhesive strips. Freedom every steps, confidence all day long.

Smooth & Dry
Feel smooth when touching, feel dry and comfortable when wearing. Elis Smooth and Dry provide a soft and smooth surface which can reduce friction which is a cause of irritating. The Soft Fit Wings are a soft and comfortable fit for your body. The pads are not easy to be flaky. The high absorbency makes you feel dry. Suitable for all of your movements.